Avoid these 3 mistakes to achieve perfectly blended facial contours

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Contouring helps to define or reshape the contours of your face, providing a subtle depth to your bone structure, usually your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. For example, you can create higher cheekbones or a slimmer nose, simply by applying a contouring product to your skin.

Are you are new to contouring or have trouble making it look natural? Below you will find the three mistakes you need to avoid so that you can create a flawless finish and a natural look that flatters your best features.

1. Don’t apply your foundation first

The first mistake you need to avoid is to apply your cream contour product after your foundation. If you don’t want to wear foundation, that’s fine, but if you do, always do it after applying your cream contour product. This is because cream contour products don’t always blend well on top of foundation, leaving you with a very unnatural look. Applying your cream contour product first, however, ensures a smooth and flawless finish.

2. Don’t use a thick or heavily pigmented contour product

The second mistake is using the wrong product. Some contour powers or creams can be very heavy and difficult to blend into your skin tone, leaving a thick line, which resists blending.  The way to avoid this problem is to use a sheer contour product or even a gel, both of which are designed to blend smoothly with your skin tone.

3. Don’t use the wrong brushes to apply your contour products

Some brushes are far better at blending your contour products with your skin tone than others, but you can also use your fingertips if you prefer. For those of us that like to use a brush, try one that has a mix of synthetic and natural bristles, as it holds enough product to make contouring easy, whether you are using a cream or a powder.

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