5 Tips for using stick foundations

5 tips for using stick foundation

If you have considered using a stick foundation, but haven’t made the move yet, here are five tips that should help you make the most out of your stick.

1.Stick foundation not applying easily?

Due to the firmer nature of a stick foundation, many people find that it doesn’t always melt against your skin quickly and can often need a bit more work to blend in when compared to a liquid foundation. The solution is to warm the foundation by rolling the head of the foundation along the back of your hand a few times, because this softens it and makes it easier to apply to your skin.

2.Stick foundation not blending in easily?

This is usually because you are using your fingers (a big no-no!) to blend in the foundation with your skin, and even sponges can give you the same poor result. The solution is to use a dense buffing brush which won’t hog the foundation and will help it to blend into your skin nicely.

3.Can’t find the perfect stick foundation?

Some people find that their stick foundation is too drying and others can’t find the perfect colour to match their skin. The solution is apply the stick foundation to the back of your hand and mix it with other products to give the result you need. For example, mix your favourite moisturiser with the foundation to add moisture to your skin or mix it with a primer oil to slightly correct the colour to match your skin tone.

4.How much stick foundation do you need?

It’s best not to use your stick foundation all over your face, as it can be too thick. For a perfect application start with a thin line down your nose, across your cheeks and along your hairline. Use your brush to blend the foundation from your nose outwards and you will achieve a flawless application.

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